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We don’t believe in perfect.
We believe in better.

It’s time to embrace what’s yours.

Your body is yours alone, and it’s the only one you’ve got. mybodi clinics is all about making people feel empowered and confident in their own skin, that’s why we choose non-invasive and non-surgical approaches to help our clients get back to feeling good. Whether it’s re-shaping and smoothing the battle scars of pregnancy, or tightening the tired skin of a life well lived, we advocate for healthy goals that are not based on an unrealistic self image, but a truly achievable representation of how great we can individually be. Ask us how we can help.

What are your main concerns?

Cellulite Reduction

Finally a treatment that works to reduce those lumps & bumps! Experience EMTONE, the best technology in the market to deliver real results.

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Excess Fat & Tightening

Say goodbye to those love handles & stubborn pockets of fat, once and for all. Better results, delivered in half the time with EXILIS Ultra 360.

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Definition & Toning

The world’s first and only device that sets the standard! Buttocks and Abs muscle building and fat reduction treatments that will smooth, tighten and tone with EMSCULPT.

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Fine Lines & Wrinkles

AKA ‘the non-surgical facelift’. Ulfit HIFU helps to lift, tighten and sculpt. Giving a more youthful & contoured appearance to the face & neck.

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Face it & embrace it.

With non-invasive and non-surgical treatment programs, we can help you target your major concerns, so you can get back to feeling & looking your best.

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Let’s talk about the c-word.


Did you know that 80-90% of women post-puberty experience cellulite, typically appearing on the thighs, buttocks area or abdomen. With no real cause known, a variety of factors can increase the appearance of cellulite such as hormone levels, lymphatic (immune system) congestion, diet, lifestyle, and plain old genetics.

Cellulite is completely normal, so there is no use beating yourself up about it.

Many cellulite treatments in the market have gobbled up clients’ money, over promising and under delivering on their results, making claims that have not been clinically tested or proven. mybodi clinics is one of the few providers in Australia who are able to offer faster and more dramatic results, in half the time! EMTONE uses a unique combination of radio frequency and targeted pressure energy, to break down enlarged fat chambers and replenish collagen and elastin in the skin – minimising dimpling and tightening the skin simultaneously.


Say goodbye to those little lumps and bumps with the only technology in the market that can target all 5 causes of cellulite.

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“For the first week or two I didn’t notice much of a difference, but 3 treatments into my plan I could put a pair of gym tights on that I usually don’t wear because they show EVERYTHING.”

Melissa, Surry Hills


Ready to say sayonara to cellulite?

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Bye bye belly!

Love handles, Dad-bod, jelly belly…

There are many playful terms for the excess lumps and bumps that can creep up on us. The aftermath of a great holiday, the post-baby weight, the long cold winter, lockdown in COVID-19, the ‘got the ring, no more dieting’… then one day you wake up wondering “how did I get here?”.

Whether it’s life getting in the way or plain old genetics, with EXILIS ULTRA 360°, we offer second to none, non-invasive technology that can help you get back to looking and feeling your best.

It’s time to reclaim and rejuvenate your body.

EXILIS ULTRA 360° is the brand new model in the market to deliver a non-invasive skin tightening and fat-reduction treatment, designed to reduce pockets of unwanted fat and tighten skin in areas like the abdomen, arms, thighs, and address skin laxity in areas like the face, neck, eye’s and jowl area.

Exilis Ultra 360°

Discover the first device to combine both radio frequency and ultrasound technology for permanent fat reduction and skin tightening, from head to toe.

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“This treatment has truly changed my life. I had just four sessions of Exilis and I can finally sleep on my tummy again. I am overwhelmed and ecstatic!”

Pam, Earlwood


Ready to shred the bread?

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The mission for definition.

Toning, contouring + defining muscle.

Let’s face it, it’s the age of fitspo. Many of us struggle to get to the gym, do those extra squats, push to get through the ab workout after the workout. If you’d rather take a more balanced approach to your lifestyle, without having to fast and deny your body with strict diet and exercise, we have what is a truly exciting alternative to help shape and tone those hard to reach or stubborn places.

A 30 minute session with EMSCULPT is equivalent to doing 20,000 sit-ups.

There’s been a lot of hype in the media about EMSCULPT, and it’s well worth it. This exceptional technology is backed by many famous celebrities, and was first made famous in 2019 by Kim Kardashian who uses it as her go-to body shaping solution… no, it’s not her skims! EMSCULPT builds and strengthens your muscles and is the only device in the market that burns your belly fat without the time-consuming struggle of exercise.


Experience body contouring like no other with the worlds first revolutionary treatment clinically proven to simultaneously burn both subcutaneous & visceral fat* and build muscle.

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“People underestimate how hard it is to get a 6 pack. I’ve tried at the gym for years, but I could never get there. I’m seriously taken back by my results in such a short period of time.”

Anthony, Five Dock


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Turn back time.

The non-surgical facelift.

Eliminate the signs of ageing.

Ulfit HIFU uses Micro Focused Ultrasound to help lift, tighten and give a more youthful appearance to the skin. This technology is so advanced that it produces results similar to a facelift, without the surgery or downtime. Ulfit HIFU also targets the jawline to sharpen, tighten and contour face to reduce fat and lift the skin.

Ulfit HIFU

It is highly effective at treating sagging skin caused by factors such as age, sun damage, stubborn double chin and weight loss.

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“At first I was very sceptical, a facelift without the surgery? But I can not believe what I see when I look in the mirror now. It’s like I’ve gone back 10 years.”

Tracey, Coogee



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