The first and only device to effectively target all 5 causes of cellulite and loose skin.

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See ya cellulite.

Combining the power of thermal and mechanical energy, EMTONE is the only technology in the market to effectively address the major contributing factors to cellulite and loose skin. The first TGA-approved and FDA-cleared device for cellulite, EMTONE is able to increase skin elasticity and improve skin texture by treating the root causes of cellulite instead of simply suppressing the symptoms.

Experience the power of unique synergistic technology


Without the need for anesthetics or invasive surgery, EMTONE is the perfect solution for anyone looking to see results while still maintaining their busy schedule.

All Skin &
Body Types

No matter the colour of your skin or the location of your cellulite, EMTONE is designed to target tricky areas with ease. As a leading provider of cellulite treatment in Sydney, you can rest assured that our staff will walk you through every step of the process.

Treats All
5 Grades

As the only anti-cellulite treatment in Sydney able to effectively treat deeper cellulite dimples, EMTONE is a great option for anyone looking to achieve a more smooth and soft finish to the skin of their legs, abdomen, arms and more.


Combining the therapeutic benefits of thermal and mechanical energy, EMTONE produces a synergistic result that reduces the appearance of cellulite dimples, improves skin texture and more.


Due to the minimally invasive nature of this procedure, EMTONE is one of the most popular options for cellulite reduction in Sydney.

A game changer
for the treatment
of cellulite.

At mybodi clinics, our team is committed to offering high-quality cosmetic and lifestyle treatments that make a difference. Using evidence-based research to support our treatments, EMTONE has been found to offer a variety of benefits, including:

As an essential protective protein involved in the formation of healthy and youthful-looking skin, increased collagen can help your skin to have a more plump and smooth appearance.

Found in the dermis layer of the skin, elastin is a protein that makes up the connective tissue in our body. Having higher levels of elastin helps to prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Known as one of the most popular and effective options for cellulite in Sydney, our patients love the results that EMTONE provides!

The team at mybodi clinics is committed to offering the best anti-cellulite treatment in Sydney. If you’re ready to say sayonara to those little lumps and bumps, get in touch with us and book your free consultation for a customised treatment plan with one of our friendly staff. We look forward to hearing from you!

Incredible Results

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Cellulite Reduction

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How it works

EMTONE sets itself apart from similar technologies by combining monopolar radio frequency and mechanical targeted pressure energy together to address all 5 causes of cellulite and loose skin:

1. Enlarged fat chambers
2. Collagen fibers
3. Lost skin elasticity
4. Poor blood flow
5. Metabolic waste accumulation

A non-invasive treatment, EMTONE is proven to stimulate new collagen and elastin, boost circulation and increase the metabolic removal of waste – resulting in toned smooth skin with improved texture.

If you’re ready to say sayonara to those little lumps and bumps, get in touch with us and book in your free consultation for a customised treatment plan, with one of our friendly staff.

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