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The world’s first medically proven, non-invasive device that strengthens the pelvic floor to address incontinence and intimacy concerns …

Revolutionising Prostate Health and ED Management

The world’s first medically proven, non-invasive device that strengthens the pelvic floor to address incontinence and intimacy concerns for both men and women.

Last Longer & Remain Stronger With Emsella

Emsella for Men: Revolutionising Prostate Health and ED Management

Emsella by mybodi clinics introduces a breakthrough approach to men's health, focusing on improving prostate health, addressing erectile dysfunction (ED), and enhancing overall pelvic strength. This non-invasive treatment leverages high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate pelvic floor muscles, offering significant benefits without downtime.

Why Men’s Health Matters

Prostate health and ED are prevalent concerns among men, impacting life quality and confidence. Emsella provides a proactive approach to these issues, emphasising prevention, improvement, and maintenance of pelvic health.

The Power of Emsella: Understanding the Benefits

Prostate Health

Improved pelvic floor strength can assist in managing symptoms related to prostate health, contributing to better urinary control and reduced discomfort.

Erectile Function

By enhancing blood flow and muscle tone in the pelvic area, Emsella can positively affect erectile function, offering a new hope for ED management.

How Emsella Works to Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Emsella’s HIFEM technology induces supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions, which enhance blood flow to the genital area. Improved blood circulation is crucial for achieving and maintaining firm erections.

By effectively stimulating and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, Emsella helps in supporting the erectile mechanism. Stronger pelvic muscles contribute to better control over erections and ejaculations.

Emsella is a groundbreaking solution that offers a non-invasive alternative to traditional ED treatments. Sessions are painless, allowing patients to remain fully clothed during treatment, with no downtime required.

In addition to treating ED, Emsella’s stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles can also improve urinary control, reducing symptoms of incontinence that often coexist with erectile dysfunction in men.

By addressing the physical aspects of ED, Emsella can also positively impact psychological well-being, boosting confidence and overall sexual health.

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Why Choose Emsella at Mybodi Clinics?

  • Expertise and Experience: Specialising in men's pelvic health, our clinicians are equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver targeted, effective treatment.
  • Tailored Treatment Plans: Understanding that each individual’s needs are unique, we offer personalised care plans designed to meet specific health goals.

Addressing Common Concerns

Men often have questions and concerns about treatments for prostate health and ED. Here’s how Emsella stands out:

  • Non-invasive with no downtime
  • Painless treatment sessions
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in improving pelvic floor strength
  • 95% client satisfaction

Enhancing Results with Emsculpt

Combining Emsculpt with Emsella offers a powerful, synergistic approach for men dealing with erectile dysfunction and prostate issues. Emsculpt enhances core and pelvic strength while improving vascular health, crucial for erectile function. Emsella focuses on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, crucial for urinary control and sexual health. Together, they provide a comprehensive solution that not only targets the physical aspects of sexual and urinary health but also boosts overall confidence and quality of life. This dual treatment approach ensures improved erectile function, reduced urinary incontinence, and a significant enhancement in men’s wellness.

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Patient Satisfaction

How it Works

How does it compare to Kegel exercises?

The in-depth penetration and stimulation of the entire pelvic floor area makes this treatment highly effective – a single session brings you 11,000 thousand intense contractions that are not achievable on your own, rehabilitating weak pelvic muscles and restoring control without causing discomfort.

Testimonials and Success Stories

"Very knowledgeable have had a very positive experience with all the staff at the Hurstville store. Started off with an Emsella trial and was given lots of information about the benefits for me. Have just started Emsculpt so am very excited to see the results!! Thank you team!"

“I have been doing Emsella and HIFU at Mybodi Hurstville and I am ecstatic with the results and clinic! The staff are amazing, knowledgable and I have had HIFU at another clinic but no where near the same results and service. I highly recommend this body contouring clinic”

“I have a huge focus on customer service, and this clinic offers the best. I've had an excellent experience, from my first consultation until now. All the girls are exceptionally warm, friendly and open to any and all questions. They show genuine care and do what they can to ensure you are comfortable. I dont just look forward to appointments because of the progress I've experienced with the treatment, it's also the fun social atmosphere. Can't wait to try their other treatments! Highly recommended”


Your Concerns Addressed

Emsella uses HIFEM technology to stimulate deep pelvic floor muscles, enhancing strength, and functionality, which is vital for prostate health and erectile function.

Sessions are comfortable and non-invasive, requiring no special preparation. Men can remain fully clothed during treatment.

Treatment plans vary, but most men experience noticeable improvements after a series of sessions, typically recommended over a few weeks.

Emsella is safe, with most men reporting no adverse effects post-treatment. Any minor sensations typically subside shortly after sessions.

Don’t let prostate issues or ED hold you back from living your best life. Contact mybodi clinics today to learn more about how Emsella can revolutionise your approach to men’s health, offering a path to enhanced well-being and confidence.

Begin Your Journey to Enhanced Pelvic Health

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